Bobby (gaymukboi) wrote,

In response to a friend's entry...

i'm sorry for how you feel
but you know what i'm going to say
i know how your feeling
because i feel the same way

but we both know how things have to stay
for we understand that the one is not able to say
exactly what he wants
or who he wants to be
we both wish, "if only he could like me"

but we both know it cannot be that way
we know that something would not just be right
for if we look into the brighter side of today
there will be that someone hiding in that light

right there waiting at the journey's end
who will want to get to know us
better than a friend

we both want it to happen for us
we both want him to be
the only one to console us
to set ourselves free

but he's not the one for either of us
we knew it from the start
because the feelings fuming inside of him
arent always from the heart

i hope you know
will all of my heart
how truly, and deeply
i love you

i want you to know
that whatever you need
i'll be right here
beside you

i know i cannot fill your dreams
the way you want him to
but i have so much more to offer
than a simple kiss or two

i will be here
by your side
for all of eternity

and for all that time
i pray to God
you'll be right there
beside me

so please dont take this
in that extremely personal way
i'm just trying to tell you
my thoughts on this today

becasue i feel the same way that you do
even though it cannot be
because why would someone like him
care for someone like me?
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