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So...I've been really busy with a lot lately.

Here's a brief overview of the past weeks.

This past weekend was Night on Broadway. It went really well. Liz and I MC'd and we were pretty darned good. Some of the solos and songs were AMAZING...and others werent. My favorite song was our Secret Garden Medley for concert choir. I liked my solo too...but I forgot my mic on saturday...yeesh! it was funny. I swear, I have never sung that loud before IN MY LIFE!

Last weekend I hung out with Jason, Sara, Slov, Katie, Butz, and the other peeps. It was fun when we went to the Bear Den haunted woods. There was only one part in that entire thing that scared the shit out of me...but I wont tell you. Like...OHMYGAWD...JASON AND I NEARLY SHIT OUR PANTS. Let's see.

The weekend before we went to The Darkness in Elkhorn, and Lyssa, Amie and I met the woman who did the makeup for all of the frozen people in Titanic. She was really nice. She gave us Call Sheets from Titanic, and pins of hers. I love her. She's really nice, and was quite funny.
The Darkness was okay. NOT WORTH TWELVE BUCKS!...but okay. We ran into Bob and some other people who graduated last year. I wanted to talk to them real quick, but they had to go...and so did we. So, I gave Jase my keys to turn on the car, and he drove away...NOW it's funny...but I was SO pissed at him when it was happening.

Yeah. other than that nothing has happened much. Homecoming was fun. I was on court. Some guys started harassing me at the dance, so I filed harassment on them the first day back from Homecoming weekend. They hate me now for it, but i dont care! I really hate them, and they had it coming! I'm sick of putting up with their shit.

Yeah. I have to go. I have a short story due tomorrow in Creative Writing, and I only have a paragraph written.

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