Bobby (gaymukboi) wrote,

I dunno

It's been a while since I've updated. I used to update almost it's just whenever.

I like how every time I log on there is something new and different on LJ. I like how it's growing.

Anyway, I met the coolest guy yesterday. He came to so my solo for WSMA with a teacher of his. They saw my Bring Him Home a few years back and we were talking about it and what I've sung since then, and they asked why i didnt do muscial theatre this year. I kept running into him...not purposely, but after rooms were done with the various things, and every time he would tell me how he liked my solo... He was really nice. Later in the day i started posting the scores and stuff, and then he'd be waiting there. One of the times he followed me back to the room, and we talked about various things. I wanted so badly to tell him how beautiful his eyes were, and how kind he was being...

He had to leave. His teacher came to the WSMA office to get him, and they left. I watched him walk out. I'm a fucking fool. I cannot believe I just let him walk out! We had been talking, getting to know eachother, and flirting...but i just let him walk away...


i'm such an idiot.

and my horoscope warned me not to pass up a big opportunity yesterday...god!

so, yeah. I'm on the search for him.. i'm going to try and find him on myspace, and see how it works out.

i've gotta go.

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