Bobby (gaymukboi) wrote,

Was there ever a doubt?

So everyone is making this huge deal about the fact that Lance Bass is gay. Was there ever a doubt? I knew years ago that he was, and no one believed me! HA! BURN!

So, anyway...his boyfriend is pretty damn hot! Good God! Wow! He won the Amazing Race or something...but that's not what I care about...he's just hot...

Here's a link to pix of him.

Reichen Lehmkuhl

Now I'm gonna go see CATS with Seester, Nick and Amie.

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The reason is that Nstync was aimed, as any boyband is, at young teenage girls. If he had come out while they were still together, do you think that they would have been as popular as they were? Probably not. Because how many girls back in the day were madly in love with him? How many thought that he was going to be their future husband? Not me, I was a backstreet boys and 98 degrees fan when I was 13, but I remember the girls that loved Nstync, and they would all pick what kind of girl they were. A justin-girl, joey-girl, Lance-girl.....Profits from the nstync dolls, cds, posters, pens, binders, folders, tshirts....they would have gone down dramatically. Then people would have started thinking that more of them were gay. Profits would have gone down more.

I doubt that anyone really doubted that Lance was gay, I believe we all knew he was. But it's not that we're suprised by that, it's the fact that he was in a band aimed sexually at young teenage girls.